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LakePoint Nursing Locations

We currently have four distinguished locations in the LakePoint Nursing family. While each boasts its own set of awards, amenities and living options, every facility offers qualified and friendly caregivers. Find the location that’s right for you below, by clicking on each facility to learn more about what they have to offer you and your family. For questions about an individual location, contact an administrator, today!

LakePoint Augusta

LakePoint Augusta is located at 901 LakePoint Drive, August KS. Call 316.775.6333 for questions or email the administrator, Alejandro Nieto.

LakePoint El Dorado

LakePoint El Dorado is located at 1313 South High, El Dorado, KS. Call 316.320.4140 for questions or email the administrator, Christie Underwood.

LakePoint Wichita

LakePoint Wichita is located at 1315 North West, Wichita, KS. Call 316.943.1294 for questions or email the administrator, Bonni Tole.

Carriage House

The Carriage House is located at 723 S. Elm Street, Greensburg, KS. To learn more about the Assisted Living facility, call 620.723.3400 or email the operator, Omega Senior Living.

Learn More About The Carriage House