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The LakePoint Nursing Staff

The LakePoint facilities only hire the best, most qualified staff members.

Our award-winning staff is a major part of what makes LakePoint Nursing facilities so great. They are caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and always ready to lend a helping hand. Each facility is comprised of its own set of staff, everyone from Cooks to Housekeepers to Med-Aids, Registered Nurses and In-House Physical Therapists. All of the LakePoint facilities boast a low turnover rate, so you not only do you get to know the people caring for you and your family, but they get to know you, and treat you like their own family.

The Administrators for the LakePoint Facilities are:

LakePoint Augusta

Alejandro Nieto


LakePoint El Dorado

Christie Underwood


LakePoint Wichita

Bonni Tole


Carriage House